Autumn Blessings~


Image result for autumnal leaves nirvana

the autumnal curls

locked in this cycle of life

wait for nirvana

Image result for autumn leaves in fire

under bluish sky

li’l flecks of sunshine glitter

colours dash out fire

For PU-Midweek Prompt

16 thoughts on “Autumn Blessings~

    • Thank you, Celestine!! Am absolutely delighted to have you here!! I have been a little unwell …but, recovering now! How have you been….a visit to your blog is long overdue! My internet service was down for almost 48hrs, hence got delayed in responding. Sorry.
      See soon. 🙂 xoxo

  1. Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement. Shall get back to each one of you after my internet service is restored.I find it difficult to work with a smart phone…
    Thanks for being here!! Absolutely Gratified!:)

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