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Viruses are earthed

 When silver line has been crossed

A bee passes me.

Waves of genocide

ascends, and shrouds the city

A drama, a tear.


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Muting the Stillness…

pic from google***

Eagle Pose~

holding the moment

he stood fastened in his limbs

-an eagle caught sight



 Valmiki’s Initiation

valmiki’s anthill

buzzed with bees and butterflies

  • -a new soul emerged



There is a age old belief that before turning into a sage, Valmiki was a dacoit called Ratnakara. This widely accepted story has been explained in detail below.



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Sumana’s prompt: Yoga




Dunes- From A Mix Of Tiny Grains~


Image result for whispering sand dunes

deep into abyss

nothing exists or remains

i fear my shadow


sand dunes

miles and miles of dunes

flowing in parallel lines

melodic whisper


Image result for illusions in sand dunes

waves of illusion

wriggling fugaciously

few moments of life


Image result for toes in sand dunes

toes wobbling gaily

in undulating ridges

people love to click


Image result for camel silhouette in the desert

silhouettes emerge


the sun dips behind


Written for PU’s Prompt : A grain of Sand….. http://poetryblogroll.blogspot.in/2017/04/poets-united-midweek-motif-grain-of-sand.html



Related image

passion rise to heights

as scotch on the rocks glimmer

up and down mind’s wall

Written for : Haiku Horizon



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