26 thoughts on “View From The Window~

  1. Isn’t it amazing what you can see from the window of an airplane, especially if you let your imagination soar?

    • Yes, that’s the power of mind!! And so I let my mind travel to those areas when I am all by myself. Soar….with wings like eagles, as they say !!
      Thanks MMT for being here 🙂

    • Precisely…that’s the beautiful architecture of kolkata airport at night: our mega-city illuminated like an electricity grid!! Your comment has delighted me completely, Sumana…Thank you!

    • Ah, yes! That’s why I always prefer a window seat to take a tour around the world from the sky. Thanks so much for coming by, Jae! Am absolutely pleased :)))

    • Robin,
      Patterns emerge, nature shines and …cities feel colossal. That’s why whenever I fly I always ask for a window seat. Gives a different perspective on the world!
      Thanks… :)))

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