From Night To Day


Austere, mysterious

Soaking, progressing, intensifying

Isolated, elusive, transitional, solemn

 Revealing, self-delighting, radiating

Effulgent, sunny



To know more about Diamante : Read here

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**Just tried my hands at writing a Diamante Poem ….


45 thoughts on “Diamante~

    • Coming from you, this is a very gratifying compliment, Celestine. Thanks… :)))
      Just came back from your page. Wow! Your diamante is simply superb. Thanks for the wonderful treat. 🙂

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  2. I love how this pared down poem creates such a vast picture and concept..when you stop and think the passage between night and day is magical – and not just a physical thing

  3. I really enjoyed the progression of your diamente, Panchali….how it began in the dark and ended in the light. I much prefer that to its opposite. Smiles.

  4. This makes me appreciate the beauty of night and day. Makes me think how we have both within us, darness and light complementing each other. Beautiful poem Panchali.

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