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the sighs whirling from

the last fatigue of hunger

a world just not fair

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23 thoughts on “Hunger~

    • I am happy you enjoyed this, Archana. Hope to see you more on these pages…Thanks for the link. Your haiku is exceptional…trust me!! Thanks for your comment and visit. 🙂

      • Thanks my dear 🙂 very happy to have bumped into you even on indiblogger 🙂 cheers!

  1. This is so moving.. brought tears to my eyes.. you have captured it really well..!
    To die of starvation is horrible! Hope this issue gets resolved and no one has to suffer 😦
    Beautifully penned..!
    Lots of love

  2. i am asking every time i see this.. ” what can i do to cut down the number of starving people? life is indeed unfair. But i go little far, i will be doomed. so i keep a smiling face.

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