14 thoughts on “Earth’s bliss~

    • Thanks, Celestine… your visit always pleases me no end… :)))))) I am glad you enjoyed this 🙂 Thanks for reading me…
      I started taking up designing sarees seriously last year and now that is taking all my time and energy. But, I would never leave blogging..writing poetry charges my battery cells…so, I keep coming back. 😀

      • It’s always to read your exquisite poetry my friend. And when I don’t see you then I worry. Glad to know that yo are busy with designing. Like you I always will find some little time for blogging 🙂

    • Ow, you are kind, Celestine. Compliments from poets of your stature put me on cloud nine!! Thanks a ton! Well, I have noted now. Don’t you worry, hereon..I shall keep you posted… ..:D
      It does happen Celestine. I still think about Nanka…Did you hear from her?? Maybe not….I don’t know where she has suddenly vanished..I do worry about her.
      Thanks for coming by… :))))

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