Promising Hope

Promising Hope:

purples, whites and pinks

energise like draught of wine

hope is resplendent


13 thoughts on “Promising Hope

      • Panchali,
        Thanks for taking the time to stop by. I regret that I’m unable to get back to your fine work for now. My internet has never come back since the flood two weeks ago.
        Be well, my friend.

      • Thanks for the note, Alice. No issues….you take care. The blogs can wait. Get over the crisis first. It saddens me to read this news of this tragedy. Be safe, my friend.

    • Sorry about the delayed revert. Wishing you and your family a very happy new year, Celestine! 🙂
      By the way, I haven’t heard from Nanka.I had left a note for her in facebook sometime back. Wonder, where and how she is….:(
      Now I am back, well settled in my new house. I intend to send a note again to her. Shall revert as soon as I hear from her.Thanks!!

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