peeking through the fence

a cow, wobbling in the grass

 gave me a quick moo





17 thoughts on “Fence~

  1. That’s right! Sometimes there are friendly people who find difficulties in making friends. The tragedy is that it’s not through their own choice. Nice thoughts Panchali!


  2. I love haiku with humor… I need to learn that one. Love the pix too.
    PS. Hi Panchali, it would be nice to offer the email/name/blog address option for comments. I never leave comments with my social media sites and since I also have a WordPress blog, if I signed in with it, it won’t allow me to add my blogger blog. Hope you consider this. TY! 🙂

    • Eliz..Thanks so much for your kind words. That was just some silly playfulness. I also like humor…but, still need a lot to learn.:)
      I would love to make the changes, but I am not so tech savvy…hence, I need help to get the settings done. Or, would you like to guide me please…Sorry, for the inconvenience. And thanks a lot for stopping by…:)

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