On Diwali night

Light glitters in dark alleys

Eyes gaze, arrested


The dark night whitens

As the shooting fire explodes

Scared dog at my feet Tradition/#284


12 thoughts on “Tradition~

    • It is indeed cruel, Nanka. Thank God, admin is doing something about the noise pollution. These stupid rockets scare not only the animals and birds…they scare the hell out of me! I close all windows and spend my time with my babies…You know, my cockatiel was interesting, strangely, it never bothered him much!! We thought, it was deaf…till he started responding to the calls 😀
      Sadly, we lost him some months back 😦
      Thanks …

  1. Beautiful words. Beautiful pictures. I love teaching my class about Diwali and Navrati. I’ve celebrated Navrati in a beautiful temple and one day hope to enjoy a ‘proper’ Diwali celebration. Marie

    • Where are you from, Marie? If you are not Indian, then this is really interesting. You are a teacher I gather…and a wonderful one at that!! Come to India nd spend a diwali with us -I mean it! 🙂
      Thanks a lot!

      • Thank you for your generous invitation Panchali. If I am ever in a position to do so I will let you know. Yes I am a teacher (I love it!) in the East Midlands of England. (Probably exactly as you would imagine a middle aged English primary school teacher.) I trained in Leicester which I am sure you know has a thriving, welcoming Indian community as well as many refuge communities. I worked in a school where the majority of students came from other cultural backgrounds. It was a treasured experience. That is where I was invited to celebrate Navrati. Every year I say I will go back for Diwali. One day I will.

      • Thanks for the reply, Marie. Great to know you more ….Teaching is a noble profession, and primary school teaching is even more interesting.You are preparing the future agents….creating healthy, just, and peaceful minds 🙂

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