As darkness deepens

Bat comes out on midnight prowl

Sun pulls it on leash

—– #273


19 thoughts on “BAT~

  1. Amazing creature of the dark!! Always associated with the weird and bizarre!! These have been perhaps emulated positively only by batman!! 🙂
    Once a bat came crashing in right into my living room at night!! Eerie and had a tough time getting it out……what with my daughter screaming and screeching !! 😀

    • Oh, I also have my own story to tell, Nanka. In our Delhi’s Govt bungalow, we had a huge fig tree which had hundreds of bats…Their strength freaked me out when I saw them for the first time!
      They used to sleep thru the day, and come out ransacking the garden at night. But, never entered the house…or, maybe, they never got a chance to sneak in, since the windows/doors had nets. Like your daughter, my daughter also used to scream, screech, and shrill when the bats came close to her window at night. 🙂
      Aww, how we miss having these lovely girls at home now, no?
      Thanks so much for sharing…

    • Hahaha…I also liked that li’l tongue sticking out..hence, grabbed the pic from the net, Sumana. Glad you enjoyed here. Please do visit again 🙂 Many thanks!!

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