Love Is Fantasy!

At thirteen, I fell in love

A senior student leader became my dove

He had no time for my silent prayer

His first love was politics, that he held dear

But, I had the high and lows of my heart to  share

One day, I wore flowers after plaiting my hair

Blushed purple…tinting my face here and there

The sky darkened, when at last, he looked at me

‘Come, I’ll take you home,’ he said and rose to leave

Walking with a stoop, suddenly he held my hands;

Puzzled by his conduct, I lost a beat…hiccuped, oh, my!

I thought, love had overwhelmed both of us

But all he said was…  I should  understand

Engels and Karl Marx in full spirit and mind

Cruel destiny…brought the edifice down

I rushed back home, completely torn

  I cried out… I was sadly forlorn

I deleted all journals to welcome a new morn

Love disappeared like a gurgling stream

…….after all, moments were right out of dreams 😀

I wrote this ridiculous poem a couple of years back, and it seems to fit well with what Kim is asking for…


8 thoughts on “Love Is Fantasy!

  1. Interesting, Panchali. I think this shows that sometimes the exterior package isn’t always what it seems to be. And sometimes something like political viewpoint can squelch what had been a ‘blooming love.’ But yet how disappointing indeed.

  2. For a moment there you took me back in time when I was 13 when puppy love blossomed and those moments are still in my dreams. Nice Panchali even though your poem had a touch of sadness.

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