in moments of gloom
there’s a squeeze inside my chest
more nonsense i write

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14 thoughts on “squeeze

  1. Relax Panchali… ….. it is sometimes good to be weird, wild and wacky to make those nonsense rhymes!! Go on we would love to read them!! 😉 The gloom will disappear and we can squeeze and squeal with laughter!! 😀

    • Nanka, Somehow I hate these frustrating encounters …..!! As they say, ideas are easy. It’s the execution of ideas that really separates the sheep from the goats…:)
      Thank you, the following line gave me a big relief.!!!
      “we can squeeze and squeal with laughter!! ” Amen!

    • Oh, well, Ramesh.. writing saved my sanity many times. Writing helps,..as we own our words in a more definitive way. But, the scariest moment is when you sit in front of a computer and go blank. This is where I start writing nonsense, I guess…LOL..
      Shall check out that post soon..should be interesting to read 🙂 Thanks for being here.

    • Mary, you spoke like a true author. indeed…where we would be without these alphabets!!! Ah, Composing our thoughts can offer just that right kind of re-orientation.. Thanks Mary for that inspiring comment 🙂

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