Vines loaded with fruits

Wash away a summer’s pain

Ah, let the corks fly!


Indian pancakes

With tomatoes, green chillies

My palate agrees!


Written for Lunch


32 thoughts on “Lunch

  1. Nice work here. I especially like the idea of wine to “wash away a summer’s pain” (painfully romantic!). I sure hope you haven’t got too much heartbreak to wash away this early in the season, but whatever you’re going through, do please continue to EXPRESS the emotions and experiences buffeting your creative spirit. Thanks.

    • Early…? Oh, no Emily. I come from India, and Indian summer is harsh. Most of us prefer staying indoors and sulk at the very thought of even stepping out in the hot sun. So, it’s not early in any case. Very pleased to know that you enjoyed my take…Thank you, for being here and for your encouragement…

  2. oh yum…your lunch sounds delicious…would love to try those pancakes….smiles…and fruit on the vine…all about that….our grape vine is full but not ripe just yet…it is nice to see new life…and that def helps overcome pain…smiles.

    • Well said, Brian, Its nice to see new life. Smiles. Do visit our country and be my guest. We’ll have lunch together :))) Thanks a lot for your visit and appreciation.

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