Fierce Daredevils~

The festival was made famous by the 1926 novel of U.S. writer Ernest Hemmingway called The Sun Also Rises

Daredevils gather

Bulls run on the cobbled street

Spasmodic motion



Pamplona runner

In white clothing, red kerchiefs

survives to tell tales


Written for Daredevils

pics from net!!



18 thoughts on “Fierce Daredevils~

  1. Hehehe!! The top pic looked like the rush hour at Churchgate station!! 😉 Thank god he survived the bull!! Daredevilry really borders around madness!!

    • You said it, Nanka. Even Howrah Station look like this during peak hours—sheer madness!Ah, could have written on them…nah???
      So good to see you here…always 🙂 Thank you…

      • LOL…We got inspired by Tagore you see..” Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high” –we move on fearlessly!! This is indeed India! The land of crowds and dreams…hahaha…

  2. They’re real daredevils. Pitting their wits against those hoards of bulls! Madness! Nice take Panchali!

    P/S Panchali,
    Couldn’t use blogger. Putting to FB a/c which I seldom do!

    • Hi Hank, Thank you for posting your comment by putting a little extra effort. Wonder, what is causing this glitch.. am technically challenged, so I have no clue how to rectify it. Hope someone helps me here…Thanks a lot for yr feedback..
      Delighted that you read it, liked it and above all could relate to it…Yes, it is sheer madness!! Thanks…and hope to see you more on these pages. 🙂

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