Volcano Pot~

The hill cracks apart

Magma begins to reel, swirl

Lava springs from earth


Linked with http://haiku-heights.blogspot.in/Volcano


24 thoughts on “Volcano Pot~

    • That’s an interesting interpretation, joyanne….come to think of it–yes! Though, I never of it before…That was informative :))
      Thanks a lot for your visit and comment.

    • “Fire breather on the prowl’–wow! Exactly………they are so hot and choking that my readers are already running for their lives…LOL..
      Wonder, why the pic is invisible. I can see it clearly at my end. May be a temporary glitch….:((

    • You made my day with your wonderful comment, Satya! Glad you enjoyed…:) I was trying to read your Haiku…couldn’t get through. Sorry.
      Hope to see you more on these pages..thanks:)

  1. volcano!! wonderful haiku! when something stays inside for too long, and when it eventually has to come out, it would be devastatingly intense. wonderful, i somehow find it very powerful.
    – – –
    Here is mine, if ypu’d like to read: Volcano.

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