Unforgiving Waves~

Huge Tsunami waves

vault over the calm blue sea

Merge into chaos

Linked with : http://haiku-heights.blogspot.in/ Tsunami


14 thoughts on “Unforgiving Waves~

  1. Welcome back!! Chaos it surely is!! How many unsuspecting people in those houses?? 😦
    It could just fly over like a pole vaulter in the games!! 🙂

    • Oh, it is a tragedy, a grief …so difficult to address!!
      I lovedd the pole vaulter game’s reference you made—interesting!!:)
      Thanks a bunch, Nanka for your support and encouragement..means a lot!
      It’s good to be back here in HH..:)

    • Yes, celestine…it is the stories of individuals that still remain most striking. And the loss that clings to their memories.is frightening! Indeed…that pic is captivating! Thanks to google…:)

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