Mind Work~

“A mind forever Voyaging through strange seas of Thought, alone.”-  William Wordsworth

Seeds that breed

Inside the chamber of brain

Shape in growing spell…

The young rise in heaps

Reap a nice harvest

The vision I see- is sublime….

The old and weary fades out

Crumbles to dust- a new cognition

Fills the chasm…

There’s a stringent inner order

That expands- to change the tense

Brain work- reeks of repetitions….

I understand my voyage

In re-framing my thoughts- my mind

Lurching furtively ‘slowly’, ‘softly’, ‘suddenly’ …

This was written for Imaginary Garden With Real Toads.  The prompt was to choose a quotation from William Wordsworth and write….


4 thoughts on “Mind Work~

  1. Enjoyed this, Panchali. Seeds of thoughts definitely DO eventually, if allowed to ripen, provide a rich harvest. Thoughts may ‘lurch’ about a bit, but eventually the ‘voyage’ is complete and satisfying.

  2. as gentle as Wordworth’ s verses…slowly building, finding, moving on in the journey. Di!! I did not know that u had this page too. Well i too have one in wrodpress, but it is in deep slumber!

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