Nature photographer Jessy Sebastian captured these pictures of a grasshopper climbing a hibiscus tree leaf in his garden in Jakata, Indonesia

Bouncing on the leaf

Cast motifs on the windows

Sway like daffodils


With their graceful legs

The air-hostesses in green

Comparing heels

This Haiku is written for the April A2Z Heights at Haiku Heights— ‘GRASSHOPPER‘.

26 thoughts on “Grasshopper

  1. Ha..the green flight attendants will become airborne with hostility at being called air hostesses At least you did not call them trolley dollies:)

    • rallentanda! It is sad that the heroes remained unknown for so long…Ooops…I couldn’t have used ‘trolley dollies’ – infringing copyright issues. Brian Dowling.would have sued me 😛
      Thanks for that awesome comment.

  2. Love the post, but I am sure there are some who wouldn’t agree. I really love the green air hostess. Very good visual also.

    • Vem…Thanks for stopping by…may be, you’re right…some wouldn’t. But, I enjoyed writing writing this 😀
      Hope to see you more on these pages 🙂

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