Haiku –Candle and Drone


Let this candle hum

Burn our shackles, bring freedom

Let fire, kindle fire



The meteor showers

The drones make the branches creak

Beaver goes pok-pok

Written For http://haiku-heights.blogspot.in/


11 thoughts on “Haiku –Candle and Drone

    • Oh! This syllable thingy is the most difficult part…I checked with the haiku-syllable-counter just now and it gave me a green signal again. Can you suggest a reliable counter, please. Thanks Ramesh for being here.

  1. Nice ideas for the prompt and it is better to count the syllables on finger tips than depend on any counter Panchali!! It should be easy after a few tries!! I follow 5-7-5 syllables strictly but there are other forms too which Leo has explained extensively on HH page!! Thanks for your lovely comment on mine and welcome!!

  2. 5-7-5 not the only rule any longer. I usually only follow new guidelines. Really love first haiku. Liking second one but lack knowledge on beavers to make the connection. Still, lovely nature reference.

    • Oh, thank you so much, Maggie, for that inspiring comment….You’ve made my day!:) I find syllable counting quite difficult. It will be nice, if we could do away with it: D
      Hope to see you more on these pages….:)
      Thanks a ton!

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