Last Days Of Communism


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I stormed along annihilating all, without the warnings of ‘change’ to come by

The empathy for common man conquered my love, calming my nerves by and by

The unbriddled wind, moved my tempo; making music in the sky

The tempest of the ‘RED’ ontology thus, became my song as I whistled by


Friends turned foe on the sly, as I turned back with Time and I strived

The sharkled wind swooped and rose, as the ‘wind of change’ was on high

With the remains of the people, ‘Red’ collapsed; unable to travel far and wide

Reduced to a speck in a niche, it was unable to withstand the ‘avalanche’ and sighed


Now I sit in a bend, no avarice; sometimes happy and sometimes sad

The gentle me turn the other way, for resynthesis of mind side by side

With intoxicated mind I try to fathom the ‘change’ brought by ‘green’ progenies

Time to nest away to another shore; and watch the unbridled festivity or orgies

 *** This was written on the day, Trinamool came to power in West Bengal. People divided by colonial intrigue and religious schisms, and ravaged by successive famines and the vagaries of Partition, are today continuing to seek both stability and growth to break the jinx imposed upon them by history…This was posted in another site  a year back.


3 thoughts on “Last Days Of Communism

  1. the wind of change was blowing as well when the wall in berlin fell..interesting write..need to read a bit more about the background as i’m not so familiar with what happened in west bengal

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