Drizzling Darkness

It was like watching

‘Jackson Pollock’

Creating a ‘drip painting’,

Energizing every inch of the floor

Without the usual easel

Palette and brushes.

The fog of the dusk

With easel of his own

Went on its merry way

Drizzling in the dark

Rode along; dabbled under the skin of water

Inky blue color grimed, glistened, splattered

and daubed amateurishly, and then

Gently glided into the hollow pool, and

eerily pinned the edges;

Night perforated…

The moans of the breeze spilled over

Stirred the anesthetic recline of the silhouettes

A masterpiece of the ‘drip’ emerged

Like a luminous pearl, shy of own beauty

A retreating nook shimmered,

Under the moon light!



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